Finding national stories in #gapol

As a state government reporter, I often have to chase the story of the day. But I also work to take a step back, consider how the themes playing out in Georgia government and politics (#gapol for Twitter hashtagging purposes) compare to other states.

These stories reflect that approach.

Election officials push back on Trump’s “rigged” allegations
Election officials across the country are pushing back against Donald Trump’s assertions that the presidential election may be rigged, arguing that too many safeguards exist against engineered results nationally or in individual states.

State proposals on LGBT rights push business into spotlight
Major corporations invested in Southern states have become some of the staunchest opponents of bills they consider discriminatory, facing off against Republican lawmakers eager to portray their states as the best home for global brands.

GOP lawmakers want exemptions for gay marriage opponents
Months after the Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage, lawmakers across the U.S. are pushing bills that would give businesses and some public employees the right to refuse serving gay couples because of their religious beliefs.

Georgia county agrees to restore black voters’ rights
Election officials in Georgia’s sparsely populated, overwhelmingly black Hancock County agreed Wednesday to restore voting rights to dozens of African-American registered voters they disenfranchised ahead of a racially divided local election.

Georgia debates Confederate carving set in stone and state law
Art, monument or embarrassment? The “Confederate Memorial Carving” in a state park outside of Atlanta is once again stirring controversy, as Georgia officials try to decide what, if anything, to do about a huge sculpture that memorializes three of the South’s Civil War heroes but causes offense to blacks and others.


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