Doubling Down: The Great Divide in Indian Gaming

I led reporting of a seven-part series called “Doubling Down: The Great Divide in Indian Gaming” while a member of the investigative team for 10 Wisconsin newspapers.

Life in a Land of Iron

I made several trips to northern Wisconsin as the area debated the risks and perks of a proposed deep pit iron mine in 2012 and 2013. I also made reporting trips to Minnesota and Michigan, producing several text stories and working with photo and video journalists.

Former President Carter diagnosis and treatment for cancer

In 2015, former President Jimmy Carter revealed that he had been diagnosed and was being treated for cancer. I worked to build sources quickly, break news and tell meaningful stories about Georgia’s favorite son as he was treated and then declared cancer-free.

Breaking news: Ebola crisis, gun violence and severe weather

This page features some of the breaking news work I’ve done with The Associated Press in Atlanta. Our bureaus frequently team up on large stories, and I’ve worked quickly to produce detailed text stories while taking photos and videos.

Finding national stories in #gapol

As a state government reporter, I often have to chase the story of the day. But I also work to take a step back, consider how the themes playing out in Georgia government and politics (#gapol for Twitter hashtagging purposes) compare to other states.

Using data and documents

Since joining IRE in 2012, I’ve learned how to incorporate data into journalism and get beyond anecdotal reporting. I try to use those skills to improve on daily stories and develop ideas for more substantial reports.

Feature writing

A sample of profiles and feature stories I’ve completed.

U.S. marijuana industry

As part of The Associated Press’ beat team dedicated to covering the growing marijuana industry, I search for stories that treat the issue seriously and break news.