Former President Carter diagnosis and treatment for cancer

Former President Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday School at Maranatha Baptist Church. (Photo: David Goldman/AP)

Covering politics in Georgia sometimes means covering former President Jimmy Carter, who has remained an advocate for human rights. I interviewed Carter once or twice on milestones for The Carter Center or the release of a new book. But in 2015, Carter revealed that he had been diagnosed and was being treated for cancer. I worked to build sources quickly, break news and tell meaningful stories about Georgia’s favorite son as he was treated and then declared cancer-free.

I’m particularly pleased with how the following stories turned out. The final link is an interview with Former President Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter in 2016 before their 70th wedding anniversary.

With humor and honesty, Carter talks about his cancer diagnosis
Jimmy Carter’s cancer fight puts new meaning in old message
Jimmy, Rosalynn Carter mark 70 years ‘even closer together’

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